Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Summary

Lately I've been wondering, "Where has this summer gone?? In just three weeks college will start back up again! No way!" Then I remind myself, "Oh, yeah. It's gone all around the world via car, plane, ship, and night ferry." Needless to say - I've been here, there, and...well...everwhere. Or so it seems.

Last I wrote I was in Nashville visiting friends as I awaited the drive across country. Once I drove across the country to move my sister and brother-in-law back to California, I was home 28 hours. - A mere 28 hours to rest, unpack, repack, and leave for my mission trip to Mexico. After I spent a week in Mexico I was home for two weeks before leaving once more on a jet plane to Japan to help with disaster relief work.

My trip to Japan had a sudden ending to it, sooner then expected. However, there will be time for that story in another blog entry. While this is just a summary of the summer, I will post more detailed and precious memories and stories from all my trips. Some of the stories will be my own. Some will be from Japanese tsunami survivors. Looks like I have blogging material to last me a few months.

Looks like my blogging name is holding up to it's expectations thus this far.

The Travelin' Chick,

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