Monday, January 28, 2013

What Would You Do?

When you click on the video, please excuse the language of the title of the clip...But at the same time, understand the reality of questions and statements people often get for looking different. This video is a reality of my life.

The other day I was sitting in my school cafeteria.  I was sitting at a table alone, but there was a lady sitting across from me at another table.  She was probably about mid-40's.  Every now and then I would glance up from my lunch and textbook and kept noticing she was staring at me.  This happens to me a lot, yet still can feel uncomfortable at times.  This was one of those awkward times.  (Usually I just stare back smiling, making the original starer feel more awkward than me.)

Whenever I glanced up, as she was staring at me she was also eating her lunch.  I guess at some point she got more interested in staring at my face than paying attention to her lunch, as at some point had a big blob of mayonnaise (or something) on her face...but she never seemed to notice.  Five minutes later, I glanced up at the staring lady and saw she still had the blob of food on her face.

The kind part of me thought, "I should tell her she has food on her face..."  The other sarcastic part wanted to go to her and say, "Oh my!!!!  What is that on your face?!?!!?!!?"  Luckily she wiped her face about 15 minutes later, so I didn't have to worry which comment would come out (whether it came out sarcastic or kind...) had I approached her about the slowly growing mass on her cheek.

This is one of many stories I could have to tell.  As you watch this video ask yourself, "What would I do?"  In addition, ask yourself, "If I see someone who looks 'different' in the store or college cafeteria, how would I handle the situation?"  From someone who does have a different facial feature, please know, it is okay to ask.  Just ask in kindness and genuine curiosity.  In my personal opinion, I would rather people ask me about it than be curious for the rest of their lives, staring, pointing, or asking their friends, "Did you see that girl with the purple face?  What do you think that was?"  (And I do hear these comments and see people staring.  Even if people think they're being sly about it, they are more obvious than they think.)  I'm always happy and honored to have the chance to help others learn something new.  :-)

To stare, or not to stare??...That is the question!

The Travelin' Chick

PS: Please note that I wrote this from a humorous perspective and am not at all trying to sound rude.  After 21 years of birthmark life experiences, you have a lot of stories and fun with some situations.