Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Total God Thing

For the last two weeks I have been enjoying house sitting for a couple from our church. I can't even tell you how odd it was to have a house to myself for the first time in months...(Detail: Since June my sister, brother-in-law, and their pets, have living with my parents and I due to moving across the country from Nashville. With 5 adults under the same roof and some pets, it's a little busy in the household.)...not to mention sitting in complete silence without a TV or radio on, dogs barking, or people talking. Silence had become the unfamiliar stranger in my life.

As I was sitting in silence this morning working on a few things for (OM) Germany and London, the dog I have been spending time with at the house started barking at the door. Three people were walking up the pathway to the house (two women, one man).

When I stepped outside the three people greeted me with a smile. They introduced themselves and stated that they go to a local church here in town called "People's Church". (People's Church is the church our youth group went with to go to Mexico, and two family members of ours also attends the church.) They automatically assumed I was the lady they came to visit or their daughter, both of which were incorrect. I told them that they weren't home right now but they could come back another time next week when they would be available.

Before they left they asked, "Since we're here anyway, is there anything we can pray with you about?" I obviously knew that they were from a church out visiting people today, but this caught me off guard. I assumed they would of just said, "Ok, we'll try again another day."

I'm thinking that this was a total God thing. This morning when I awoke I was instantly stressed. I was stressed about fundraising for London, trying to get the last $5,700 in before December, and how to raise so much money so quickly. When asked, "Is there anything we can pray with you about?" London and my funds instantly came to mind.

Standing on the porch at someone else's house with three strangers I was able to share with them about my upcoming trip to London and what I'll be doing while I am there. I was also able to share with them the weight on my shoulders about trying to fundraise the big about of money in a short amount of time. Talking to them I was able to share that there many family emergencies and the main focus needed to be on my family throughout the last several months.

Then we prayed. Standing on the porch at someone else's house, with three other strangers, we held hands and prayed.

It was also a refreshing reminder when one lady said, "Nothing is too big for God."

As they were leaving I was able to give them my prayer card and a bio we wrote out for letters and churches. One person said that they might send me an email to be in touch soon.

Lately my life theme quote has been, "Where God guides, God provides!"...And today it hit me. This isn't just talking about the financial needs of God's guidance, but encouragement and prayer as well!! When I awoke today I was really stressing about the financial provision that I am in need of to be able to go to London. Within an hour of awaking God provided. He provided for the encouragement and need for prayer. I still have all of the $5,700 to raise, but God is providing and will continue to do so in all aspects that are needed with finances, prayer, and encouragement.

A total God thing? I think so!

The Travelin' Chick,

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