Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Intentional Integrity

Intentional Integrity, by Dr. Garnett Reid, is a book focusing on the life of Job and the lessons that can be learned from Job's life and story.  The book covers many aspects of his life ranging from worship, loyalty, purity, confession, compassion, as well as other topics that deal with real life situations in Job’s time, as well as our own.

This is a book I highly recommend.  It deeply looks at the life of Job and at different angles I know I personally have never looked at for Job’s life.  It was eye opening and I learned many lessons throughout the book.  Dr. Garnett Reid’s book makes you question the type of life you currently are living.  It challenges you to ask yourself, “Am I living a life of integrity?  Am I living a life I am meant to live in front of others as well as hidden behind doors at home?  Am I living the life I am meant to live for God?”

Living a life of “intentional integrity” is a day-to-day challenge.  Not only is it a challenge now, but it was a challenge in Job’s world as well.  Job was not perfect but yet he was still able to live his life in a way that pleased God, regardless of the tragedies surrounding him. 

Living a life of integrity is something we should all be working and striving for, to be the best we can be for God and to live for Him.  We all struggle with different topics of life.  When you pick up the book “Intentional Integrity” and you start to read what is in between the pages, Dr. Garnett Reid provides not only examples from Job’s life and lessons to be learned from Job. He also provides examples of ways we may struggle in today’s world and ways to help you stay focused and that help you in your weaker areas.

Pick up and buy “Intentional Integrity” today.  Let me know what your thoughts are on the book and the lessons you were able to learn as you read through the chapters.  Bellow is a link to Amazon where you can purchase your copy today.  (It would even make a great Christmas gift for those that you know love to read!)

To Buy The Book, Click Here.

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  1. And I am reading this like literature these days as I am getting ready to my divorce and need to be 100 percent ready for an upcoming litigation!