Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"This is awkward, let's go..."

The other day I was helping a local church with a book table by passing out literature about God, DVDs, and information about the church.  This is something I do at least two times a week.

While performing this community services over the last several weeks, I have struggled within my heart.   You may be asking “why”.  I'm not sure of the exact answer.  I do know that it has to do with the fact that I've never passed literature out to strangers in previous experiences.  I also think it has to do with the fact that I feel like I'm not educated enough.

Yes, I finished high school.  Yes, I've been in college for about three years now - one year even being at Bible College.  However, while part of me feels like  I know a good bit about God and the Bible, I have realized that I don't know enough.  What if an unbeliever asks me a question I can't answer?  What if I am not clear enough in my answer?  The way I answer a question may impact someone's life, either for good or bad.  

On Monday, we were out once again out doing this service.  It was a very cold and windy day here in London.  (Let me just state, cold is normal here, but it is not usually that windy!)  I usually pass out the booklets provided, but for some reason, I felt lead to pass out DVDs about the history of Jesus Christ.

As I was passing out the DVDs, two young women walked by me.  They looked like they were about my age.  I asked them, "Would you like a DVD?"  They asked me what it was about and I told them it was about the life of Jesus.  By their attire, I could tell they were from a different belief system.  However, they were curious and said, "Sure", as they each took a DVD into their own hands.

As we were standing there, I tried to strike up a conversation.  I told one of the girls, "That is a beautiful scarf you have on!  That's a really pretty color."  She and her friend agreed.  Then one of the girls said, "Okay, this is awkward, let's go."  They then turned away and started to walk another direction.

Thinking this conversation was over, I thought to myself, "Man, Crystal, you should have said more!  You should have tried harder to hold a longer conversation!"

Watching the girls walk away from the place where we had just had our brief conversation, I saw them look towards our book table.  Something on the table must have caught their attention because they stopped to take a look.  Before I knew it, the two of them had a short conversation then turned around headed back my way.

Once they returned, they looked at me and said, "Okay...we have a LOT of questions."  With a smile on my face I replied, "Okay, great!  I cannot promise that I can answer all of your questions but I do promise to do my best."

These two girls indeed had a lot of questions!  We stood there talking for about 20 minutes and they must of asked at least 15 questions that afternoon.  Some of those questions included:
  • Why is the cross the symbol of your belief system?  Isn’t it ironic?  Shouldn't you hate it and shouldn't it make you angry, if God's Son died on the cross?  Why do people wear it and seem proud of the cross?
    • No, we shouldn't hate the cross.  In fact, it's a good reminder for us of Jesus' love for us as his people.  He willingly came down to this earth to save us from our sins.  God sent Jesus knowing that he would be mocked, beaten, and hung on the cross to die for us in a painful death!  How can this not reminds us of God's love for us??  It not only represents His love, but it also represents the new life we can have in Heaven one day if we believe and follow him, because He also came back three days later!
  • Why would God let his own Son die on the cross?
    • Again, for His love for us!  He knew that the perfect offering had to made for us to be able to join Him one day.
  • Do you believe all the stereotypes of our religion?  Do you believe we're all bad people?
    • No, I do not believe all of the stereotypes.  What I believe is that we all have stereotypes no matter what our religion nationality, gender, etc.  Some people will fit those stereotypes, but the majority does not.  I believe that we are all people.  While we all come from different beliefs, language, culture, etc, we are all people of emotions.  We all have a story to tell, emotions that are felt, pain, anger, sadness...We all experience life and death.  We have families, and many other similar situations and emotions.  We are all people who need love.
As I mentioned earlier, there were a LOT of questions.  I did my best to answer them.  Even though this was my first time talking with people of their belief system, I feel like I answered their questions well.  Honestly, I firmly believe that God put the right words in my mouth.  They kept asking question after question...I would answer one, they would ask another right away without even two seconds to pause.  Every question they asked, I had an answer for - and I know that's only because God was supplying the words!

In summary, we talked for about 20 minutes.  They both took home a DVD about Jesus and His life.  With God’s help, I was able to answer at least 15 questions that they asked.

My prayer?  In the end, I hope and pray that they not only heard what I had to say, but listened as well.  I pray they soaked in what I had to say about God, Jesus, and Christianity.  I pray that a seed was planted in both of their hearts throughout our conversation.

Please pray with me.  Pray that they watched the video and that they end up with more questions that they want answered.  Pray that a desire to learn more was planted inside their hearts and minds.  Pray that the right people will soon cross paths with these two beautiful girls and that they can help them learn more and help guide them.  Pray that someone will see them as people who need to see and understand true love - the love only God can give them.  That it's a person whose actions and words reflect God’s love.  Pray one day that I can meet them again, even if it's in Heaven.

The Travelin' Chick,


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Cristal ! I'm praying with you ! Gaƫlle

  2. sorry, CrYstal !!!

  3. Crystal, what an amazing opportunity/experience you are having. Definitely praying with you that those girls will watch the video and come back and find you or find someone else that they can continue to ask questions to.

    1. Yes, it indeed is quite the experience being here in London, working and living with an international community, etc, etc...It has been a wonderful chance to learn and to grow in many ways. Thank you for your comment and for the prayers for the girls!! I love hearing from you, and I hope you are doing well! :-)

  4. Go Crystal! God has promised to give us the words to say when we need them and it sounds like he certainly did that for you! Thankful for your willingness to be used. Praying that the girls will follow thru and watch the videos and seek answers to their questions. Sandra

    1. Thanks Sandra!!!! :-)
      I hope you are doing well!! ...and thanks for reading along on my blog!