Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Celebrating Life

Usually I'm not big on skipping class.  If you miss one class session, you may miss a whole lot of what you need to know.

However, at the same time - I'm big on celebrating life. (And probably even bigger on the idea after my year of "2011".) This weekend I am going to Disneyland!  Even though it's 4 months later, I am finally going to go to celebrate my 21st birthday!!  I am excited to go out of town to the "happiest place on earth".  I'll be going with my uncle, aunt, 2-year-old cousin, mom, and grandma.

The original plan was to leave tomorrow after two out of my three classes were done so we could go and spend the day at Disneyland on Friday.  However...My mind has been changed.  Instead, I am skipping classes.  The pull of Disneyland and having a good time with family won me over.

At least I'm doing well in my classes...Right?

Disneyland, here I come!

It's like having a birthday all over again. :-)

The Travelin' Chick,

PS: Or how I put on Facebook:

"Tonight I am declaring my tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday an official personal holiday. On this holiday I not only permit, but encourage, myself to skip all classes taking place at college. School work is not allowed to be a part of my life until Monday. I must laugh and smile a lot while having tons of fun this weekend...Making memories in celebration of my 21st birthday - even 4 months after the big day. Maybe I'll even meet my "Prince Charming" while I'm away this weekend. (A girl can dream - right???) ;-)

Disneyland, here we come!!!!!!"

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