Sunday, January 12, 2014

Laser Treatment Videos

Some of you have inquired what a laser treatment is like.  So you can have a general idea of the procedure, I had my mom take a few video clips on Friday.  Below I will have to video clips, both short.  (The first one is under a minute and the second one is barely over the one minute marker.)

For this first video clip, I tried to add some captions on YouTube for those who need/want them.  Sorry if it's a little rough…It was my first time doing that and I hope to get better for any future videos.  

This is towards the beginning of the treatment.

For the next video, I have yet to add captioning as it takes a bit of time to do so…Sorry about that!  For the general idea of the conversation, the doctor and I were talking about my casts.  We talked about a pink one that my sister and brother-in-law bedazzled with lots of bling, how the nurses in podiatry all came out to the waiting room to look at it while I was waiting for my doctor's appointment, and the plans for my new purple one.  I'll try to add captions soon!  

This one takes place near the middle of the treatment.

During this most recent treatment (two days ago), we were able to do 252 laser pulses total.  The machine was also on a higher setting than before, so I felt it more than usual, which brought a lot more discomfort/pain during the treatment.  (Praise the Lord for stress balls I can squeeze during the treatment, and for the before-treatment numbing cream!)  If I felt comfortable with them treating the eye area where I can't put numbing cream and am required to wear a metal contact for, the number would be even higher than 252…but I have yet to get over the idea treating areas without being able to numb them, and I have yet to get over the idea of wearing a metal contact.  The idea of the contact totally freaks me out!

My face will be discolored as a darker purple for the next week or two - and during the next few days, Vaseline and ice packs will be my temporary best friends.

I hope the videos were found to be helpful and interesting.  Hopefully they explain what happens during the procedure better than my written, signed, or spoken words.  If you have any further questions, please let me know!  I'd be happy to answer them.  :-)

The Travelin' Chick,

PS: If you need a reference blog with information about my birthmark and details about the treatments, check out my original blog post: Birthmarks and Laser Treatments.

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