Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Be My Valentine (Giveaway)

It's almost Valentine's Day - and here's the deal.  I'm a single gal and I want YOU to be my Valentine.

You might be wondering, "How can I be your Valentine??"  Fair question.
"I love you" in American Sign Language.

Because Valentine's Day is the 14th of February, I'm going to list 14 items that I love - and I'm going to giveaway an item to TWO of my readers.  (Maybe you??)

Here are the rules to enter the giveaway:
  1. "Like" my Crystal Hodges page on Facebook.  (If you've already done this - thank you!  You can skip to rule #2 and #3.)
  2. Write on my Facebook post that links to this blog entry, and tell me which item you'd like to receive.  (If you're torn between a few of the items - don't fret.  Just list the items you're interested in...If you're picked, I will surprise you with one of them!)
  3. Share this blog post with your friends.
(Yes, I am including my international friends in this giveaway.)

On February 14th, 2016 (at 5 pm California time),  I'll pick two people.  Once I pick the two people, I'll announce their names on my Crystal Hodges Facebook page and I will then private message those selected, requesting their address.

This giveaway is my way to tell you guys thank you for your encouragement and support over the last few years, and to say, "I love you."  You guys rock and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Okay...So, what are 14 of my favorite things?
  1. Game: Catan Dice Game
  2. Wax Seals  (to seal the back of letters)
  3. CD: Be One by Natalie Grant
  4. Coffee Mug: May The Froth Be With You Star Wars Mug
  5. Movie: It Takes Two
  6. Game: Phase 10
  7. CD: RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG.  by King & Country
  8. Chipotle Burritos (I'd mail you a gift card)
  9. TV Show: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season 1
  10. Children's Book: A Perfectly Messed-Up Story
  11. Children's Book: Beautiful Oops!
  12. Coloring Book: "Joy for the Journey"
  13. Book: Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose by Candace Cameron Bure
  14. Book: Let's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have by Annie F. Downs
Can y'all tell I like to read??  I think it's safe to say that books, in general, are some of my favorite things.

Thanks again for being such great friends and for reading my blog.  I'm thankful for you, and I can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with two of you.  (Insert heart emoticons here.)

The Travelin' Chick,

***Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!  As of Sunday, February 14th, 2016 - we have our winners.  If you weren't picked or you are seeing this at a much later date, don't worry!  I'll need a new valentine for 2017, and will be doing a similar giveaway next year as well.  Follow my page for updates and similar opportunities.***


  1. It would be a great valentine day if I win the prize. I am all ready for a chipotle burrito and just by reading it I am hungry.

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