Saturday, January 7, 2012


This was a couple of weeks ago. Sweetest kid ever. I've got to give my baby cousin props for learning the word at 15 months old, as well as attempting at stealing my phone straight out of my hands...(She can also say London, if you can recall back to last months post "London")

Teaching her crazy random words and phrases is something I'll miss during my time away! Recently I've taught her about how to "psych!" someone. As she goes to hand you an item she will instantly pull it away as you reach out for it as she yells, "PSYCH!!" Apparently she did that the other night with her daddy's keys while in Lowes. She had the whole staff laughing. She also now understands what Jamba Juice is, as her eyes literally light up as she says, "Jamba Juice? More please?!?" (She knew the phrase before but tried their smoothies for the first time this week.  A new addict in the making! Yesssss....)

Also, one of our favorite songs we sing together is, "The Wheels on the Bus".

"The mommy on the bus says..." - Me
"I love you!!" - Rayna
"The Rayna on the bus says..." - Me
"YEAAAA Babbbby...YEAAAA babbby..." - Rayna (Her daddy taught her that one!)
"The Crystal on the bus says..." - Me
"Rock ONNNNNNNN..." - Rayna

There are many other verse but these are our favorites! (Okay, they are my favorites!)

The Travelin' Chick,

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