Thursday, January 19, 2012

GO Confrence #1

Alright! This is my first entry overseas with OM. I am currently in Germany for the GO Confrence. Currently I am on my iPad so this entry probably won't be long. I am taking notes so i can fully update you all later while in London. There are people here from all over. Two girls I have talked to the most are from Ireland and Australia. There are others here from England, Switzerland, Portugal, and so many other places. It is so amazing that we are all from different countries. We are from different cultures, backgrounds, languages, and stories...and etc...and yet, we all are here for one purpose and for one God. We all heard the call to serve Him in some way and we all answered. It is inspiring hear each others stories and how God led them to OM and missions. It is exciting to here where they are from and to see where God is sending them. Wow. I can't help but wonder how God will use all of us. What kind of stories will we gain? What lessons do we have to learn? How can we grow and mature? How will God use these experiences for future ministry? Questions and thoughts run through my head. However, I am living in the present. I am living the moments I have now I the country God has me in right now in this second. What an adventure thing has been and will continue to be!

Until next time,
The Travelin' Chick,

PS...thanks for the prayers! Keep them coming!


  1. I am so excited and so amazed at what God has called you to do. It is amazing to be around so many other people from all over the world joined for one purpose. You Crystal were hand picked by God above to serve in this ministry. What an awesome honor you have girl!!! My prayers are for you and all of those you are with!!! With much love and adoration Deede!!